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I Care About Bracelets

The I Care About Collection is a special project highlighting global causes we all care about.  10% of the proceeds from the sale of each bracelet goes to an organization specific to the cause.  For information about these organizations please click hereThe bracelet is a stretchy elastic band with either a plaque reading "I Care About" on one side and the cause on the other side or a symbolic charm.  The original I Care About (#ICAREASST) bracelets have a brushed metal finish and come on assorted colored elastic bands.  The I Care About Marine Collection (#ICAREOCMA or MP) bracelets have a brushed metal finish and also come in assorted colors.  Not only can these be worn on the wrist but they are also great as pony tail holders! 
You must first purchase the Global or Marine Collection as an assortment.  A display (DISP35, SPIN2, or DISP52) is not included but please add it to your order and it will be offset with three free pieces.  Artwork in the display will match the assortment ordered.  Each peg holds 6 pieces.  I Care About bracelets can be reordered in minimums of 6 pieces per bracelet.  Feel free to create your own assortment!  As long as the 12 bracelets you choose are on the same color card you can select the causes your customers most care about!  Please let us know about deserving organizations in your community that we can support through our donation program by clicking here.

I Care About Collection




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