Give Back Program

Mermaid Found Clean Water Project

Every person should have the right to pure and clean water.

Unfortunately, in rural areas of Guatemala, there are many communities that do not have access to pure, clean and drinkable water. Bamboo Trading Company works under equal rights standards to improve the quality of life of people in general and especially of collaborating families. The families are led by brave women and men who are responsible for raising their families through decent work. In a visit to the Altiplano region, we realized the need to collaborate to improve the living conditions of our artisans. After a deep analysis, we decided that providing clean water to help to build healthier families was the way to go. We came up with the idea to make this happen through the donation of Water Purifiers.

Women and children under the age of five are the most vulnerable to gastrointestinal diseases. Unpurified water contains bacteria that cause diseases such as; gastritis, irritable colon, diarrhea, cholera, allergies, transmits the helicobacter pylori and amoebas.

This is how since 2016, We at Bamboo Trading Company have dedicated part of our profits to placing Water Purifiers in the homes of our artisans. The main objective is to provide clean water to promote healthy families.

Since the launch of this initiative, 133 water purifiers have been donated and benefited 634 people who use Helps International water purifiers in their homes. With your support, we are helping to build safer and healthier homes for our artisans and their families in rural Guatemala.

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