Our Artisans


In the city of Antigua, Flavio creates unique and fine pieces of jewelry using semi-precious stones. He has a great creative talent and together with his wife, Angélica, their 8 years old son Misael and little baby Rosmie.

Flavio remembers the moment Bamboo Trading Company placed an order of bracelets which were called The Women of Faith Collection. Since then, Women of Faith has become an important source of income for his family and many other women who got involved in the project. Our faith for a better future has grown through work.

Every order from Bamboo Trading Company is received with a blessing and deep appreciation. Each piece of jewelry is worked with much love and gratitude.
There are not enough words to thank Bamboo Trading Company for the opportunity. God bless you all.


10 years have passed since Bamboo Trading Company noticed my work. I have a small colorful store located in Panajachel Sololá. I put creativity and love into each piece I make with the women's huipiles.

I am a family man, I smile at both life and its challenges.

Throughout my relationship with Bamboo Trading Company, I have seen my family grow. My three daughters are already young women, who have all received an education. My oldest son studies architecture and I am certain he will be a good man.

My wife and I have gone through life working together, hand in hand. Good communication and love, as a couple, have allowed us to build a good family. Every order we receive from Bamboo Trading Company, we receive with gratitude. We look forward to continuing to walk and grow alongside Bamboo Trading Company for years to come.

Juan Jose

It was a rainy day in September of 2014 when Kim came into our store, It was as if we had known each other for a long time. She was interested in hearing our traditions, and how the huipiles [women's traditional blouses] have been modified over the years but always remain the most valuable piece for our women in the community. Each stitch and design on a huipil reflects a story full of joy, love and hope in the life of the woman who wears it.

Since Kim's visit, we have made many items with special care for Bamboo Trading Company


We are a family who live in a colonial city, Antigua. We have a small shop in the market. We receive visits to our shop from many tourists. Bamboo Trading Company came in as one of those tourists one day, but formed an immediate bond with us.

Over the years, we have grown with Bamboo Trading Company. Today my brother and I are in charge of running the store. We distribute responsibilities and between us, we design and monitor the quality control of each piece that is made with our unique huipiles. As millennials, we believe in sustainable development. We work under standards where recycling practices are adopted. We look forward to contributing to a better world through our personal growth thanks to Bamboo Trading Company.


Bamboo Trading Company has been part of our lives since 2010, when on June 29th our first order came in.

Ten years have passed and in the blink of an eye I can see my life go by. Thanks to the support of Bamboo Trading Company I have managed to get ahead. I have grown personally and professionally. My family grew, my oldest daughter married, my son went to college, my youngest still attends school. Personally, I have been able to diversify my income to support my family.

Bamboo Trading Company has been a part of my family's growth, and I am thankful for the day that I confidently shook hands and created our partnership, knowing that in distance we would grow and walk through life. God bless you

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